What Is Heritage & Why Is It Important?

Trinity Church Gosforth

We are a team of specialist historical researchers with expertise in researching residential history. Our vision is to help as many people as possible to discover more of their personal heritage. We can bring a slice of individual history right into the heart of your home! More about that here

What Is Heritage?

Heritage can be anything that a person, family, business or community values enough to protect it for the future.The sense of singular and communal identity it gives is invaluable.

Attractive Historical Environment

An attractive historical environment can bring together consumers and businesses. Heritage can prove a potent factor in the attraction of new business as well as being a serious factor in maintaining existing businesses.

Our heritage comes not only from the aspect of our buildings, but also from the characters and events within the whole community. Recognising our heritage value allows us to develop our community.

What is heritage & why is it important?Photo Frederick Coney Gosforth Fire Brigade
Superintendent Fire Chief Coney Gosforth resident
What is heritage & why is it important?
Robert Whitfiled Falconer Gosforth resident
Robert Whitfield Falconer Gosforth resident

A historical environment is, therefore, an important element in the generation of new businesses and community development. Links to our communal ancestry provides added interest for investors as well as an anchor to help maintain existing businesses.

What is heritage & why is it important?
The old Gosforth Assembly Rooms on Gosforth High Street.
Old Gosforth Assembly Rooms

A Sense Of Continuity

Understanding the early development of villages and towns provides us with a sense of continuity. We live with the past all around us.  The way we interact with our local buildings, parks, and streets, builds a distinct local culture. When we combine this with an understanding of our local history, we can recognise a sense of identity.

Reuse Of Old Buildings

The adaptive reuse of buildings for both living and work spaces has a favourable effect in our neighbourhoods. Fresh thinking and different ideas help new initiatives. Education, regeneration, housing and economic growth all benefit from historical association. Therefore recognition of our local traditions is also beneficial for our communities.

“The real, the essential purpose, in this day, of our old buildings is to be instructive relics of the past art and past manners of life.” William Morris

What is heritage & why is it important?
West Avenue Gosforth
West Avenue 2019 Gosforth Newcastle
What is heritage & why is it important?
Old photo of Gosforth
West Avenue Gosforth Newcastle

How Do Communities Benefit From Heritage?

  • Heritage can provide the opportunity for members of the community whatever their age and academic background to learn new transferrable skill
  • By bringing communities together to celebrate elements of their past.
  • History projects embrace cross-generational working providing an opportunity for people with different life experiences to work together.  

At Discovering Heritage we aim to enhance community heritage by researching the histories of lives, houses and businesses of not only celebrated local buildings and characters but also of lesser known historical aspects in our communities. We believe research of this nature is an important element in bringing together communities. Celebrating local history in this way helps to unite local businesses and consumers whilst attracting fresh investment and ideas to local areas. It can help regenerate and re establish our high streets and local amenities. Through research, we can build and identify with a colourful account of our local history.

Discovering stories from the past to share into the future.

To help us realise our vision we have developed and continue to develop a range of commission based products that celebrate your personal heritage through house and family histories. We are available for consultancy please email research@discoveringheritage.com and request our consultancy request form.

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