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We are a team of specialist historical researchers with expertise in researching local history, family history and residential history with an illustrative flair!

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Rating: 5 out of 5.

Absolutely wonderful! We ordered two illustrations with custom details (people & pets) plus a short history.

The illustrations were perfect and the short history gave me goosebumps – fascinating. I really wasn’t expecting so many interesting facts.

Blown away by how good it is! Best find all year, such unique gifts. So well presented and wrapped. Made with a lot of love and care. You won’t regret ordering.

Holly Simpson (Little Histories Shop Customer)

We are available for hire! We can help you to build your full house or family history in affordable research blocks. Our Histories are presented in bespoke illustrated packs with high-quality loose-leaf pages that can be added to as you wish.

All information is verified by our professional researcher.

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Little House History
Colour House Portrait in Little Histories Shop
Colour House Portrait
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House Illustration
My House Greeting Cards
My House Greeting Cards
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Insider Secrets

We understand that some of you may be carrying out research into your own houses. At this time the local archive offices are closed. We have put together some helpful information on how you can conduct your research from home. Our Insider Secrets help sheet is free to download.

Discovering heritage through the authentic historical research of people, places and properties.