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Uncover the story of your house

What secrets lie behind your front door?

Do you ever sit in your kitchen and wonder about all the meals you have cooked, and over the years just who else has done the exact same thing?

Your house is a special place. It ages in layers, you lend it presence, and it exudes character. What stories lie within the walls? Who turned a key in the lock and opened its doors?

Our house histories shed light on the changing faces of your home. Let us uncover its secrets and tell you its story.

What our clients say

Very professional service, quickly and thoroughly done. Many thanks for your efficient input.”

“Discovering Heritage produced a family tree for my mums 90th Birthday earlier this month. It traced her fathers side of the family back to 1797. Being Northumberland born & bred it was fascinating to discover that 4 generations ago the family were living in London. It’s has been a wonderful voyage of discovery & mum was overwhelmed to receive it. A unique present & a legacy, she said. The presentation & graphics were fabulous, photos & census entries, profiles of each of the four generations of males. Thorough & meticulous research, beautifully presented. Thoroughly recommended.”

We are a team of specialist historical researchers with expertise in researching local history, family history and residential history.

We are available for hire! We can help you to build your full house or family history in affordable research blocks. Our Histories are presented in bespoke illustrated packs with high-quality loose-leaf pages that can be added to as you wish.

All information is verified by our professional researcher.

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Discovering heritage through the authentic historical research of people, places and properties.

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