House and Family Historians

We are a team of specialist historical researchers with expertise in researching local history, family history and residential history.

We are available for hire! We can help you to build your full house or family history in affordable research blocks. Our Histories are presented in bespoke illustrated packs with high quality loose leaf pages that can be added to as you wish.

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Discovering heritage through the authentic historical research of people, places and properties.

Community History and Heritage|Graphic Design, Logos, Branding, Typesetting |House Portraits|Exhibition Design and Preparation |Family History Research | Heritage Interpretation |Copywriting Design and Illustration |Palaeography Services |Preparation of Property History Packs |Probate Research | Property History |Researching Primary and secondary sources |Support in Preparing Funding Applications |Transcription Services

Leading By Example

Take a look at our projects below for some interesting examples of our research.