Tithe Map of Coxlodge Township
19th century print of Coxlodge Tithe Map sold unframed £40+p&p (A2) This map roughly covers the modern Gosforth area. Various maps available for North of the Tyne and Northumberland (prices may vary according to size) (other counties POA)

Archival Tithe Maps look great on feature walls!

1836 – 1856 Tithe Apportionment

What is a Tithe Map? By the middle of the nineteenth century, industrialisation and urbanism had created a new distribution of wealth. The ancient system of paying one-tenth of one’s produce to the local church, known as tithes, had become unfairly weighted against rural areas.

All payments in kind not already moderated into a fixed monetary transaction were assessed and settled to ensure a fairer arrangement.

Connect your house to the age of the industrial revolution with a Tithe Map of your area.

The government undertook a survey into the usage, ownership and occupation of land in England and Wales. The resulting process generated a Tithe Map and accompanying Award or Schedule. These documents are known jointly as Tithe Apportionments.

In 1841 Coxlodge House (plot 52 on this map) comprised 40 acres 2 rods and 4 perches. The total tithe payable on this property was £6 15 shillings and 6pence (£6.75). This equates to about £690 at today’s value.

Discover who owned or occupied the land where your house stands today.

The Tithe maps record plots of land with key numbers. The apportionment accompanying the map identifies who owned and occupied each numbered area.

Maps give history context and can connect your house to ages long gone. You will be able to view your local area through the eyes of a nineteenth century cartographer who surveyed the land and deftly recorded it on paper.

Order your Tithe Map plus transcribed award document to receive the complete apportionment for £80+p&p


“They can take you into the past to see the world as people saw it centuries ago. Or they can show you a place you know intimately as it existed before you came along, or as it might look in the future. Always, they reveal something about the mind of the mapmaker. Every map has a story to tell.” Greg Miller – National Geographic 

Maps can be our eyes to the future and the past! At Discovering Heritage we use them constantly in our House History research and they are the inspiration behind our Map Your House little house history map!

We have various maps available for Northumberland and North of the Tyne. Archival maps were not a standard size so the sizes are variable and prices may vary according to size. We can also help source Tithe Maps for other counties please contact us here to engage a Tithe Map search and obtain a quote for printing.