House History FAQ’S. To help explain more about our service we have complied a list of questions we are often asked about our House History research. Read on for our answers and responses.

Can you find out any details about the people who lived in my house?

Yes! we can usually include a detailed table of all the residents and their occupations.

Will you be able to trace my house through the war years

Unfortunately many records did not survive through the war years, there was no census in 1942 because of the war. We will always try but information is often sketchy and sometimes non existent.

My House is an old Farmhouse can you still research its history?

If your house is a farmhouse or was subsequently built on farm land we can still complete a House History this will require more specialised research and we would recommend our Chapter and Verse House History pack for houses with this situation. We would also recommend this pack for rural properties.

My house was part of a manor is it still possible to find out about the history?

We love researching older properties! This requires access to various manorial records. The manorial system is not straight forward and differs from region to region. For this reason we would recommend the Chapter and Verse House History pack for properties that fall into the manorial system.

Can you guarantee to find information about my house?

We like to know that we can offer value for money on all our products so although we can not offer guarantees we do offer a free assessment on all commissions before purchase. This allows us to to be confident in our offer of producing a quality product whilst allowing our clients to be confident in our service.

How long does a House History take to research?

Our House Histories usually take around eight weeks to complete (this depends on the level of research you opt for). In some cases the writing up and proofing out stages can take longer if lots of detail is found. We will always endeavour to complete your research in the fastest possible time.

We hope you have found this helpful. You can also check out what our clients are saying!