Lets not forget the T&Cs

Once the Research Service commission, House History or Family Folio commission has been agreed, by email and agreed payment received we will request the necessary information from the client. 


We accept cancellations if a cancellation request is made within two days of purchase


We don’t accept returns or exchanges. But please contact us if you have any problems with your order.

Research Terms

The cost of the Research Service commission, House History or Family Folio commission includes time for the research, analysis and reporting of information by Discovering Heritage on behalf of the client. In some cases it may be necessary for Discovering Heritage to order birth, marriage or death certificates in order to progress with the client’s research. The cost of certificates is not covered in the Research Service commission, House History or Family Folio commission or in the Research Service hourly rate. If it is necessary to order any certificates, clients will be informed in advance and can decide how to proceed.

Discovering Heritage is committed to providing the best possible report for its clients. Every effort will be made to research each Research Service commission, House History or Family Folio commission to the fullest extent reasonably possible, utilising all resources reasonably available to us. However, clients should note that a positive result cannot be guaranteed. Sometimes a genealogical record or other particular record simply has not survived the passage of time, and it is therefore not possible to trace an individual or family line as far back as expected, or provide a House History with no gaps.

Discovering Heritage will request payment from the client to cover the additional costs incurred by certificate orders in the final invoice. Please see the FAQs for examples of when certificate ordering may be necessary.

All completion times displayed are subject to change due to nature of access to records we have available. Should records not be available delays may occur. This is to ensure we can provide you with the best possible information and do not compromise on quality for speed.

Discovering Heritage will report the findings of all the completed research. If any research avenues are unsuccessful an explanation will be provided.

All information is correct at the time of publishing based on our access to official records.

Discovering Heritage will make every effort to complete by the estimated times stated, however in complicated cases it may take longer due to extra checks.

Payment Terms

Once the project has been agreed with the client, Discovering Heritage will request payment. Research will not begin until this payment has been received. Once research is completed Discovering Heritage will invoice for the remaining costs. Full payment must be received before the final folio is dispatched. Payment can be made via bank transfer or through our website, payment plans are available on certain products.

Gift Certificates

If the client purchases a Gift Certificate, Discovering Heritage will ask the client for the recipient’s name in order to create an (optional) personalised digital Gift Certificate (PDF format). The client is responsible for sending the digital Gift Certificate to the recipient. To use the Gift Certificate, the recipient will need to contact Discovering Heritage via the email address provided on the Gift Certificate. At the point at which Discovering Heritage receives contact from the recipient, Discovering Heritage will treat them as the client and communicate with them solely. 

Gift Certificates must be redeemed within 6 months of purchase. It is the responsibility of the client to ensure any information provided to assist the research is correct.