Genealogy Research Photograph c1911 Wedding Calcutta

Treasured mementos of our families are often an excellent place to start genealogy research. By placing personal items into a historical context, we can begin to draw on information to uncover your family history. Details from a census, will or photograph can begin to shape your genealogy story. We can take this further by looking through a local or national frame of reference and studying newspapers, maps and local records. In this way, we can discover various aspects of your ancestor’s lives. By bringing together information, we can offer a vivid glimpse into your family history.

Leading By Example

An example of our work in genealogy research can be seen on our profile page Family History Research with the story of Robert Whitfield Falconer.


We present our research in PDF format which is included in our price. However, we offer a bespoke presentation folder at a small extra charge. Discovering Heritage research makes a unique gift. Our designers and writers can produce a family keepsake photo book with detailed captions or a bespoke full family record book combining story, photograph and record inserts to bring your family history to life.

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