Our House History mission began over a mug of coffee in the local coffee shop. The seeds to set up a business researching heritage were sown in 2018 on Gosforth High Street in Newcastle. When two friends started to talk about retiring and how much they disliked the idea!

My self and my long time school friend began by setting up a Facebook page and website blog researching local history. Our page quickly progressed to researching the history of houses and also family histories.

We soon realised that we could bring a slice of individual history right into the heart of the home.

Very shortly after this, my daughter joined us, adding her graphic design and illustration skills to the heritage mix.

We started to develop aspects of our research work into saleable products, and in September 2020, we opened our Etsy shop.

Our products are inspired by the discoveries we have made about the lives of “ordinary” people just like you, living in “ordinary” houses, which have uncovered extraordinary and personal stories.

We would like to share a few things that make us special.


We have undertaken research for Newcastle University, Higham Hall Educational Trust and the Ring Net Heritage Trust plus numerous individual houses across the North East. House history, family history and local history go hand in hand and we have research experience across the field!


Our interest in old buildings doesn’t end with the stories we love the way they look too. That is why we have a historical illustrator on our team! All of our research can be enhanced by drawings and illustrations of your houses, buildings and properties. In fact we now have a whole range of products inspired by maps and houses. Plus we have a more coming this year.

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House History Mission

House History Mission

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