My English Townhouse Story poster showing illustration of 5, Greenfield Place and historic textabout Robert Stepheson's house in Newcastle upon Tyne. Discovering Heritage with Little Histories Shop.
My English Townhouse Story

A few months ago we began to look for a house that would be suitable to use as the cover of My English Townhouse Story. This is it! 5 Greenfield Place in Newcastle upon Tyne. Read on to find out which famous person lived here.

My English Townhouse Story offers a unique way to add an extraordinary historic hallmark to your house so you can view your home alongside the residents of yesteryear. Display our specialist archival research with an elegant illustration of your property. We offer a link to the history of your that allows you to journey back through the years and see a historic snapshot of your home.

We are thrilled to let you know that we had 5 star reviews fort this product even before we had it featured on our website!

Rating: 5 out of 5.

“Absolutely wonderful! We ordered two illustrations with custom details (people & pets) plus a short history. The illustrations were perfect and the short history gave me goose bumps – fascinating. I really wasn’t expecting so many interesting facts. Blown away by how good it is! Best find all year, such unique gifts. So well presented and wrapped. Made with a lot of love and care. You won’t regret ordering.” (Etsy shop customer)

Discover Who Lived In Your House

This charming example residence stands in the leafy tranquillity of Summerhill Park in Newcastle upon Tyne. The property is one of the earliest houses built in this part of Newcastle. It was built as a superior house with plenty of space. Creating spacious rooms with high ceilings contrasted with the low ceilings of houses associated with more humble dwellings of the time. Living behind the large six panelled door in 1829 was a famous resident; railway engineer Robert Stephenson, who moved into the property ten years after leaving the Bruce Academy in Newcastle.

My English Townhouse Story

Includes two hours of archival research which allows us to discover historical details about the former residents of your home. Just a couple of hours in the archives can uncover some interesting facts.

Glimpse The Past Lives Of Number 5 Greenfield Place.

  • Forming part of a terrace of six Grade 2 listed houses 5 Greenfield Place was built about 1823. 
  • The most famous resident of the house was railway engineer, Robert Stephenson. Robert lived here from the time of his marriage in 1829 until 1833 when he moved to London. The house was conveniently close to Stephenson’s South Street Works where the famous Rocket and Locomotion were built.
  • In September 1858 an advertisement to let 5 Greenfield Place appeared in The Newcastle Journal. The property is described as, ” a very convenient dwelling house … containing three sitting rooms, four bed rooms, two attics, kitchen, pantry, yard & c. and a flower garden …’.
  • In 1901 John G. Cole, painter and decorator, and family lived at the property. The household comprised John, his wife Ann, their children, Annie, George, Herbert and Percy and their live-in servant, Catherine Wilson.
  • In January 1932 Mrs F. Mendleson of 5 Greenfield Place won a pair of silk stockings in a fashion judging competition. Mrs. Florence Mendleson regularly entered competitions and won a number of prizes. Details of these are recorded in local newspapers.

Imagine Mrs Mendleson and her silk stockings, perhaps taking tea or sewing in front of the elegantly attired  windows; enjoying the light, airy atmosphere. Today, we might swap the sewing box for a laptop and love the space for exactly the same reason.

Take a step back in time and discover the historic story of your house.

My English Townhouse Story

My English Townhouse Story

Commission a history in a nutshell of your house complete with a colour illustration.

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