Find out if your house ever made it into the news! £60 +p&p

With Little History News Sheet Legacies.

Was My House Famous?

Little Histories News Sheet Legacies are part of a range of products designed to satisfy your curiosity about the past through the houses and homes you have lived in and loved.

We can’t possibly remember all the things that defined our lives when we lived in a particular house. But as we move through life, poignant mementos can remind us of the people we were and circumstances we found ourselves in during our time in different places.

For example, perhaps you lived in shared student accommodation, or, in London at the start of your career which marked a youthful and energetic period in your life. A relocation to another city may have marked a more focused and ambitious time, and then a move to a new home meant a settled phase; possibly beginning your own family.

At Discovering Heritage we will search through hundreds of years of news archives to find out if the houses you’ve lived in have a legacy in print!

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“Satisfaction of one’s curiosity is one of the greatest sources of happiness in life.” – Linus Pauling

Was My House Famous? Let us search for your News Sheet Legacy

News Sheet Legacy £60 +p&p

“I considered each of those places my home at one time or another, whether it was for months or years.” Julie Beck The Atlantic

Our News Sheet Legacies are printed on A3 160gsm white paper. and include

  • News Paper Name
  • Date of Publication
  • Highlighted first paragraph of text relating to your house or street address
  • Highlight of position of original news print within the document

Available UK only