A 1953/54 Philips TD 1422 used to illustrate the Discovering Heritage article guest post by David Wardell entitle The Games We Played

The Games We Played

Some will recall Andy Pandy with Teddy and Loobyloo, Muffin the Mule, and the Flowerpot Men with Little Weed. Westerns were also very popular with older kids with ‘The Lone Ranger, ‘Bonanza’, ‘Davy Crockett, and ‘Roy Rogers being among the most viewed. There was, however, the radio with popular programs like ‘Journey into Space’ with characters Jet Morgan, Doc, Mitch and Lemmy or ‘Have a Go’ with Wilfred Pickles and Mabel (catchphrase ‘what’s on the table Mabel’) or ‘Take it from Here’ comedy with Jimmy Edwards and Dick Bentley or perhaps ‘The Navy Lark’ and “Round the Horn”.