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House History Folios

Are you looking for an extra special gift? Perhaps for a milestone birthday, or new home? Our House Histories are the perfect gift for the person who has a love of history. Alternatively, like us, you maybe so in love with your house that you want to revisit it in all its glorious detail! Either way our House History Folios will take you on a voyage of discovery into the past.

Bespoke and Unique

Our highly bespoke service highlights unique details of an individual property or area. Every individual house has a story, and every area has a particular history. By researching archival details and historical information we can breathe life into the story of your house.

My House

“When I first moved in to my house there was so much work. I remember stripping pink paint from the fireplace in our sitting room. Underneath was the most fabulous white marble Adams style fireplace! I was so excited, it really got me thinking about home decor over the years and also about the lives of other people who had lived in these rooms. Who had set the fires, dusted the beautiful fire places and generally kept house?”

House Histories

Discovering Heritage can conduct a house history on your home. We have written a blog post detailing the processes and some of the resources we use to produce our House History packs. Furthermore we can conduct research not only into your house but also into the people who lived in it, giving an insight into what life was like through decades of history. Our researchers and graphic designer/interpreter work together to present our finished work in a specially illustrated House History Pack.

House History Packages

Take a look at our package options to decide where you would like to begin. Don’t forget we offer free assessments before we undertake any commission so your first step is always free!

Service available North East of England

Genuine Article History Pack

5 hour research

£140 + p&p

Most suitable for town houses built pre 1919 & as an introduction to house history research

  • 1 house history pack
  • House Chronology
  • Bespoke residents timeline
  • Copies of relevant census and register entries
  • Map portions of your local area
  • High quality loose leaf pages that you can easily add to

Our Genuine Article House History pack is ideal if you are starting to build the story of your house. The price includes 5 hours of research and the production of one House History Pack unique to your house.

+ £48 to include a unique A5 mounted (to A4) pen & ink house portrait or a set of 5 Greetings cards to any House History pack.

Options available for upgrading to colour and A4 (mounted A3) please enquire for price details.

All The Trimmings House History Pack

10 hour research

£260.00 + p&p

Most suitable for town houses built pre 1919 with particular attention to the small details

  • 1 house history pack with extra research detail
  • Bespoke residents timeline includes details of occupations, births marriages and deaths
  • Expanded search to cover news archives
  • Expanded search to cover photographic archives
  • Documents such as wills may be added where appropriate

Our 10 hour research block allows us to conduct deeper and more detailed research. After using trade directories, census records, electoral and other registers we will expand our research to cover local news archives, and photographic archives of your street or local area. Your bespoke timeline will include extra detail such as birth, marriage and/or death information.

Chapter and Verse House History Pack

20 hour research

From £560.00 + p&p

Most suitable for rural and village properties Country & Manor Houses pre 1919

  • 1 house history portfolio
  • Detailed biographies of two residents
  • Specialised research into primary and secondary sources
  • A3 copies of historical Ordnance Survey maps & other applicable maps
  • Expanded research into photographic archives & postcard collections
  • Consultation of Tithe & other archival maps
  • Research into parish registers & rate books

Our 20 hours of research enables a deeper look at both primary and secondary sources including sources held nationally, for example, the 1910 Land Valuation Field Books. We will also consult Tithe and other maps where applicable as well as parish registers and rate books. Copies of page entries are included whenever possible. In this pack we also take a closer look at least two residents and provide a detailed written profile on each.

Discovering Heritage researchers have compiled and presented house histories for Higham Hall Educational Trust, The Open University and Newcastle University.

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contents reflect our research findings and may differ

House Histories gift
House Histories gift
Discovering Heritage House History Pack delivered to front door
House Histories gift