Is There A House Historian In Newcastle?

House Histories House to illustrate house hisorians in Newcastle

Is there a House Historian in Newcastle? Hello, we are Discovering Heritage, and we have house historians in Newcastle upon Tyne!

House Historians

We are a team of heritage researchers who offer many services across the heritage sector. We have conducted house history research for Higham Hall Educational Trust, Newcastle University and the Ring Net Heritage Trust. Although the latter was a boat history! Newcastle has a vibrant local history which we are exploring and sharing on our blog. Our house histories help to bring this to life by adding social texture and connections to the past by focusing on the lives of local people.

Is there a house historian in Newcastle? Yes this is a photo of a house historian at work in Newcastle library

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What Is A House Historian

A House Historian is a person who researches the history of houses. Any house large or small is attractive to a house historian. Our house historians will research your house using not only the internet but also primary sources that we have access to. There are over 14  miles of records held in local archives, so knowing just where and how to look can save a lot of time!

What Will My House History Uncover?

Every house history is different, so we never know what we are going to discover. Research blocks are available at an hourly rate of £25. Our minimum block is five hours. Our house historians will trace the history of your house and the residents who lived in it.  We share this information in a specially designed residents table which forms part of our house history pack. We also like to include a house chronology, which may give a little more detail and comment on the social history of the time. We offer the facility to purchase extra research hours if you would like to add to the research, for example, if we find a person or situation of particular interest.

Graphic showing contents of a house history pack

Who Buys House History Folios?

If you are looking for an unusual or extra special gift a Discovering Heritage House History folio could be the answer. Our packs have been compiled for birthday and Christmas presents. People have also expressed an interest in giving them as a wedding or new home gifts. Of course, if you are interested in researching the history of your own house, our folios can be used as a starting point for your personal research. So, our house history packs appeal to lots of people!

Our House History Folios

House Histories for Hospitality

If you have a country house, hotel or bed and breakfast, our house history packs make an ideal complimentary gift or point of interest for the guest room or reception.

Old postcard of West Avenue in Gosforth

Is there a House Historian in Newcastle? Why Newcastle?

We began by concentrating in Newcastle simply because that is where we live and work. After careers spent working and living in the area, our team have come to know and love it very well. Our researchers have expert knowledge of the city, as well as Northumberland. We do however take on commissions outside the county and would ask you to contact us if you have any enquiry.

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