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What is your pathway to Family History?

  “There are so many reasons why you might like to find out about your ancestors. For me, it was listening to stories about India from my granny and great aunty. I was hooked from a young age! They told me stories of a house with a veranda running around the outside, of snakes slithering over the piano and lizards leaving their tails hanging from pictures after scampering up the walls. It seemed like I listened to exotic tales from a storybook.”

Family Folio Gift

The most precious gift of all! Your family history individually researched and presented on our illustrated Family Folios. Our designers and writers can produce a Family Folio and Family Tree with detailed ancestor profiles.

Perhaps you would like help in a particular area of your own research? We can do this too! Stay in control of your finances. You can build and add to your Family History by purchasing our research blocks exactly when it suits you best.

Discovering Heritage Family Folios contents
Discovering Heritage Family Trees

Treasured Mementos

Treasured mementos of our families are often an excellent place to start family history research. By placing personal items into a historical context, we can begin to draw on information to uncover your family history. Details from a census, will, or photograph can begin to shape your genealogy story. We can take this further by looking through a local or national frame of reference and studying newspapers, maps and local records. In this way, we can discover various aspects of your ancestor’s lives. By bringing together information, we can offer a vivid glimpse into your family history.

By bringing together information, we can offer a vivid glimpse into your family history.

We will research one line of your family history back to at least 1841 and present it in a Family Folio.
Our folio comprises

10 hours of research
An outline family tree
A research report
Detailed biographies of two family members
Images of documents discovered in the course of our research.

Cost £250 Turn around eight to twelve weeks

Further research can be carried out by arrangement and added to the Folio.

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Leading By Example

An example of our work in family history research can be seen on our profile page Family History Research with the story of Robert Whitfield Falconer.

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