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So, like us, you love Discovering Heritage.

If there is one thing we really feel passionate about it is an excellent piece of heritage research. This can be about your family, your property or your community. Discovering Heritage thrives on your heritage stories.

How Can We Help You?

Looking into the history of your house or family can be a compulsive occupation. However, you may find that your research is frustrated by a lack of time, loose leads and dead ends.

With only a few hours of research, we can discover your personal histories and present them in beautifully illustrated packs. Leaving you free to enjoy your own individual story or assured that you have chosen an extra special and unique gift.

Why We Love What We Do

We love the potential for discovery at the beginning of each project.

When we discover a fact about a particular person or place, it marks the beginning of a unique and individual journey. As we corroborate each point, the journey gains momentum. We never know what we will find!

Watch the history of your house come to life as we introduce you to the previous householders.

Family history offers a tangible acquaintance to your ancestors. With just a few details, we can build a vibrant, informative picture for you.

Where will your personal heritage journey take you?

We would love to help you discover your Heritage.

If you would like to venture into the past, blow the cobwebs from your family history or discover the characters who lived in your house, we would love to help.

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