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So, like us, you love Discovering Heritage. If there is one thing we really feel passionate about it is delving into a piece of heritage research. We believe there is nothing that sparks interest more than a well-researched heritage project. This can be about your family, your property or your community. Discovering Heritage thrives on your heritage stories.

We research the heritage of people property and places.

We love the sense of mystery that surrounds our research as we begin.

When we discover a fact about a particular person or place it is like writing the first sentence of a story or adding the first detail to a painting. It marks the beginning of a journey. As we corroborate each fact the journey gains direction and momentum. It takes on its own characteristics. When we research families we often uncover situations that we can personally identify with. The spaces within buildings can take on a richer ambience when we discover how and why they were built and details about the characters that lived or worked in them.

With just a few details we can build a vibrant informative picture. Understanding why things happened in the past can provide a valuable insight into our businesses today. Linking to our heritage connects us to our communities and families. Researching people, places and properties shines the spotlight on the stories of ordinary people. We discover circumstances and traits that we still relate to in our everyday lives.

We would love to help you discover your heritage.

If you would like to venture into the past, blow the cobwebs from your family history or discover the characters that lived in your house, we would love to help.